Lundin Links HotelApparently there has been an Inn of some sort at the site of the Lundin Links Hotel since the early 17th Century. The following details are what we know since 1794.

1794. Mrs Wood is recorded in the register of Sasines as the InnKeeper, Lundin Mill. 1819. Newspaper advertisement for a property within Lundin Mill to be sold within the Inn belonging to Mr Cornfoot, Lundin Mill.

1849. Andrew Bell, InnKeeper, Lundin Mill dies (his widow takes over the licence of Bells’ Inn).

1864/65. Valuation rolls record Mrs Bell as the InnKeeper.

1869. Mr Malcolm McIness is the InnKeeper.

1874. Fife Free Press advertisement May 23rd. Bells’ Inn, Lundin Mill by Largo “For Sale”. An old established licenced property, dwelling house, coach house stable and large garden. A lucrative business has been carried on. Further details from Robert Kilgour, West Wemyss.

1878. Fifeshire Journal, June 3rd. For Sale Inn and Coaching Inn, Lundin Mill. That property at Lundin Mill in the Parish of Largo for a great many years occupied as an Inn and Lately by Mrs Lumsden deceased. It consists of a 2 storey house in good order with stabling, coach shed and large garden. There is also a house in the ground let separately to a tenant. It is on the line of the main road on the south coast of Fife and has long commanded an extensive business. Immediate entry can be given, upset price £600.00.

1878/79. Valuation rolls, Mr David Kirkcaldy, InnKeeper, Lundin Mill.

1882. East of Fife Record, February, Mr David Kirkcaldy, InnKeeper, Lundin Mill is charged at Cupar for selling short measures.

1889. Fifeshire Journal, April 18th. Mr David Kirkcaldy was reported to the licencing court by constable Bremner for selling drink on a Sunday. Mr Kirkcaldys’ licence was granted after a stiff warning.

1890. Fifeshire Journal, May 8th. Human bones unearthed behind the garden wall of the Lundin Links Hotel adjacent to the road to Lundin Mill by workmen employed by Mr Bethune. It is rumoured to be the remains of a traveller who went missing several years ago whilst staying in the Old Toll Cottage, Lundin Mill. (which was sited on the site of the present Post Office). Mr Bethune has the skull and several bones in his possession.

1891. Fifeshire Journal, April 9th. Robert Brown granted renewal of Inn/Hotel licence for the Hotel, Lundin Links, applicant proprietor. Fifeshire Journal, June 11th. Mr Robert Brown, Lundin Links Hotel assaulted James McPhie who was given 30 days.

1897. At Andrews Citizen, October 23rd. Mr Brown has sold the Hotel at Lundin Links to Mr McTavish of Edinburgh for £3000. Not so long ago the Hotel changed hands for £350.00.

A letter was read from the Chief Constable stating that he had seen the plans of the new hotel and he was of the opinion that there were too many doors in the building, the number being 6. Mr Maiden who was present stated that he had visited the place and he thought it would be 6 months before the hotel would be completed. It would be most undesirable to grant a licence while tradesmen were working on the premises; he thought 3 doors would be quite sufficient for the premises. Mr Ketchen replied that they were quite prepared to shut up any doors that the Justices desired and that the building would be completed and the point was whether they should grant a licence before the premises was finished. Mr D Bayne Meldrum moved that the licence be refused in the meantime and this was seconded by Professor McIntosh and became the finding of the court.

1900. St Andrews Citizen, Saturday 26th May. Lundin Links Hotel An Auspicious Opening. There are few places in Scotland that within recent years have come more rapidly to the front as summer resorts than Lundin Links on the Northern Shore of the Forth, why this should be so is not difficult to explain. In the first place nature has been more lavish with its amenities in the charming bents and picturesque scenery conferred upon Lundin Links. Secondly the Lord of the Manor Sir John Gilmour of Lundin and Montrave has been sufficiently enlightened to popularise the district by laying out a magnificent carriage drive and securing at untold cost a splendid railway service at Lundin Links Station. On Thursday afternoon a fashionable gathering met by invitation to take a private view of the building.The company of over 100 ladies and gentlemen was received by Mr and Mrs McTavish in the large drawing room upstairs. Mr P L Henderson called in Sir John Gilmour to address them. Sir John who was cordially received said that it was an auspicious day in more senses than one. It ill became them to speak of what they might call minor interests before they all joined him in three hearty cheers for her Majesty the Queen (applause), three ringing cheers were then given after which the national anthem was played.

1900. Golf Illustrated, 29th June. We give an interesting photograph, taken by Mr Denholm Young in connection with the recent opening of a fine Hotel at the favourite Fife course of Lundin Links. The architect of the building was Mr P L Henderson a keen golfer who is at present captain of the Lundin Links Club. The style and taste of the building and equipments reflect the greatest credit on mine host and hostess Mr and Mrs McTavish, who will no doubt be handsomely rewarded for their enterprise by the generous patronage of the golfers who know the virtues of this famous course and its surroundings. The style of the building is distinctively modern and is an adaptation of English domestic. The understoreys and projection gables being of finely dressed red brick while the upper storeys and projecting gables are of a half timbered work, filled with brick noggin and harled.

1903. Slaters Directory. James S McTavish is recorded as the manager of the Lundin Links Hotel.

1905. Leven Advertiser, 19th January. The Lundin Links Hotel is to be thoroughly cleaned and renovated under the direction of Mr Sam Duncan. Mr Adam, Lundin Links has been contracted for the painting.

1919. Leven Advertiser, 1st December. The proprietor of the Lundin Links Hotel has applied to Leven town council to connect to the water main and is willing to pay by meter or valuation. Connection was allowed on the understanding that a supply cannot be guaranteed in times of drought, as Leven households shall be given priority.

1920. Leven Advertiser, 14th October. Fire breaks out in the kitchen of the Lundin Links Hotel (which was at this date on the top floor) and quickly spreads to the roof. Mr Tom Harris (manager) and his staff were praised by Mr J C Burnett, Firemaster, Buckhaven Fire Brigade for their prompt action in controlling the blaze. £700.00 worth of damage was caused.

1922. Leven Advertiser, May 18th. Samuel Duncan charged at Cupar Sheriff Court with selling old whiskey. Mrs Sharp, hotel manageress appeared in the dock. The whiskey was found to be reduced to 47 deg. Under proof, found not guilty.

1928. For sale or let, Lundin Links Hotel Garage. 5 lock-ups with space for 25 cars.
1935. Leven Advertiser, Improvements to the Lundin Links Hotel are well advanced. The new bar is to be opened in the next few days. The cocktail bar is to open by Easter. N.B. the present public bar counter and rear gantry was in the original bar, which now forms the cocktail bar.

1935. Leven Advertiser, 11th June. The new cocktail bar at the Lundin Links Hotel is now open, featuring Oak Panelling, brick fireplace and electric candlelight.

1940-45. The Lundin Links Hotel was used for Polish POW’s, many of whom settled in the area after the Second World War ended. There are murals on one of the staircases under the wallpaper that were drawn during their incarceration.

1949. Leven Mail, 2nd February. John Hammond Davies aged 10 and star of J Arthur Ranks “Oliver Twist”, stays at the Lundin Links Hotel with his mother.

1952. Leven Mail, 30th January. W Christie, Plumber used 85 foot Fire Brigade ladder to clean the rhones of the hotel.

1952. Leven Mail. The Sultan of Brunei, his Highness Omar Ali Saifudden has lunch at the Lundin Links Hotel.

1953. Leven Mail, 25th February. Mr Maurice Chevalier visits the Lundin Links Hotel fir Lunch.

1953. Leven Mail, 15th July. The Sultan of Perak pays a visit to the Hotel.

1953. From 1953 to present day the Lundin Links Hotel has undergone various works, which has included moving kitchens from the top floor to the ground floor. The addition of a conference/ banqueting room and the extension to the front of the hotel, moving the restaurant from the first floor to a new conservatory (The Brasserie) has made a magnificent improvement.

The present owner, Mr Grant Ross has refurbished much of the hotel and believes that a landmark such as the Lundin Links Hotel, rich and full of history gives the hotel a special charm and could never be replaced.